Monday, August 20, 2007

Ludlow Family Picture

Every once in awhile the Ludlow clan gets together. To mark such a great occasion lots of pictures are taken. Here is the latest family picture.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kassie's 10th birthday

August 15th was the day that Kassie turned 10. She got to start her day off by giving donuts to her class. She then had the nice surprise of eating lunch with mom and Kaleb. After school she got to go swimming at mama and papa's house. Mom and Dad took her to The Olive Garden for dinner which she loved. She then got to end her day with presents, cake and ice cream. She had a GREAT day!

New clothes

Donuts for her class at school

A game she's been wanting

Cool Sassy Kassie

She's just discovering her new bike

The bike is a little big, but she'll grow into it

Jumping for joy at the site of her fish

Kassie with her new fish, "Bubbles"

Carrot cake....YUMMY!

Kesa's newly painted room

It's only been six years, but Kesa finally got her room painted.
She LOVES it!

A most GLORIOUS day!

Today was a day to celebrate. Not only was it the first day of school, it was also our 14th wedding anniversary. After getting some excited kids off to school, Mark, Kaleb and myself went to Fremont to go jet skiing. We had a wonderful day playing in the sun, sand, and water. That night we went to dinner with Mark's sister, Krissy and her husband Jeff. We ended up at Famous Dave's (my favorite place to eat). It was one spectacular day!

A VERY excited Kesa on the 1st day of school

All grown up

She only looked back once

Our Kassie Kay

Showing off her new clothes

Kaden the big 1st grader

Our handsome boy

Me with my Hot Monkey Lover (an inside joke of 14 years)

After all these years Mark can still sweep me off my feet.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Long Awaited Post

In July our family took a 15 day vacation. We went to Utah, Idaho and South Dakota. Besides driving, driving, and driving some more, here are a FEW other things we did.

We went to Temple Square

The cousins bonded

We saw the beautiful Salt Lake Temple

We played pool

We had water fights

Kesa became a pro at the water fights

Kaden fantisized about being a Husker someday

Went fishing with Grandpa Hayes (didn't catch anything)

Played in the mud within the garden

Saw Mark and Nicole get married

Looked pretty at the reception

Watched my crazy brothers stand in line

Took pictures of Kaleb

Climbed trees

Tried out for cheerleading

Played on the slip and slide

Kaleb ate Cheetos with Abby and Grandma Karen

Slides were climbed

Poses were struck

3 Generation picture was taken

Kissing was done on the temple grounds in Idaho Falls

We attempted a hike...which Kaleb hated

Had fun soaking our feet in the COLD stream

Had a relaxing picnic

The girls had a contest to see who could stay in the water the longest. Kesa won.

Got spanked from mom because Megan and I jumped off the shed onto the trampoline.

We attempted to fly

We rode on logs in the Rigby Lake

We played in the sand

We discovered 2 1/2" hail 10,000 feet up on a mountain

We slid down the alpine slide in South Dakota

Kesa ran for President

The kids became photographers

The kids actually got along

Mark and Kesa fell asleep on the tram

Mark decided his new job was being a "Female Body Inspector"

We saw Mount Rushmore

Kaleb became Daniel Boon

It was an eventfull trip full of fun and many good memories.