Friday, September 14, 2007

Trying a new sport

Kesa decided she wanted to try out Volleyball, so here are a few pictures of her in action. Go Kesa!

Here it comes


Our Happy Kesa

We watch Austin 2 days a week. Our family loves and enjoys him. We decided it was time he learned to drive so here he is with his first driving lesson.

Look Mom and Dad, no hands

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Kaleb goes to Pre-school

Today was an exciting day for Kaleb.... It was the day he started pre-school. He had a hard time watching the other kids go to school because all he wanted was to be a big kid too. Today his dream came true. Mom's dream also came true today. She gets 2 1/2 hours of alone time.

Kaleb with his bear, Boona

A very excited little boy!

Waiting to go into the school

Kaleb showing me his cubby. He gets the blue triangle for his shape.

Of course he went straight for the trains. In fact he took the train from the little boy you see in the picture.