Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two Brothers and a Sister

A few weeks ago two of my brothers came for a visit. Keith, who was on his way back to some army base in Georgia, stopped by on his way through. Clay, who wanted to see Keith before he left, flew to Omaha so he could visit with him and of course my family. It was so good to see the two of them and to spend time with them. I love these guys!

Clay and I enjoying our breakfast

I'm letting Keith know that I'm #1 in leg wrestling. He of course thinks I'm going to lose.

Do you see Keith holding up the #2? That's right, he lost.

If you look closely you can see Keith going over. You can also see him stepping on my hair.

Trying to WWF wrestle. I lost that one.

Trying to get Keith to smile is a joke so enjoy the next few pictures.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friends for Life

A long time ago in a Ghetto far far away, the Ludlow and the Kortus kids became neighbors. Little did they know that 5 years in the Ghetto would bring them much happiness and adventure. Even though they are no longer neighbors and they can't get together very often they have discovered they will be friends for life.

Kesa, Kassie, Tyler, and Trent getting ready to play Twister

Just beginning

I love this shot!

Trent didn't last too long

Playing Disney Scene It

Going for a little car ride

Playing Rock Band

Sing Kaden sing

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Nativity

Kaleb's pre-school gets to act out the Nativity and this year Kaleb was a shepherd. As you can see he's really into his role.

My little shepherd boy
Kaleb and his daddy

Kaleb and his mommy