Thursday, July 30, 2009

Idaho Trip: Bowling

Bowling was always one of the highlights of going to see Grandma and Grandpa Marsh when we were growing up. Grandma thought it would be fun to go while I was there. For just once I hoped I would score higher than her. Do you think it happened? Heck no! Grandma's good!

Don't turn your wrist mom!

The pro bowler

As you can see, Chris is busy talking instead of bowling. Good ol Chris.

I mean business!


Idaho Trip: My Crazy Sisters!

How I LOVE my sisters! We have the best time when we get together. When we get together we turn into crazy women! We become very spazy and pretty much out of control. Wait.....that's how we always are. :)

Picking me up at the airport

Peace, Love, and Carrots baby

On the drive home we had to stop and get gas and you would have thought that Christina had never put gas in her car before. She tried 4-5 times to get the pump to work. After actually reading the sign on the pump she realized that they don't take debit cards, only credit. Duh!

Chris, me and my wonderful mom taking pictures after church.

Silly girls

When I come into town we always have to go shopping. What do you think of the shirts we chose? Just joking.....well.....I am

Idaho Trip: Twilight

Megan and I LOVE Twilight and our sister, Christina does not. Hear we are trying to prove to Chris and all the others out there that we could totally be in the movies. :)

Attacking my victim

Going in for the bite.

Megan turned vampire

After acting it out we thought it would be a good idea to watch the real thing. Oh, how we LOVE Edward!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Idaho Trip: The Hike

Going to Idaho by myself is one of the highlights of my year. It's a time for me to rest, recoup, visit family, and party with my sisters. On this trip we decided we would try to hike Table Rock, (one of my favorite hikes ever). As you can see from the pictures there was a lot of snow and so the trail was hard to follow. On this hike we had to cross raging creeks, get carried across raging creeks, get dropped in raging creeks, and make bridges across those raging creeks. We hiked and fell and tripped, but didn't die. :) Thank you Keith, James, John, and Megan for this WONDERFUL adventure!

This first picture shows you where we were trying to go. Unfortunately this picture was taken from the point where we had to stop because we couldn't find the trail.

Megan, John Boy and Me

Me, James and Keith

Here we have Keith putting his pants back on and the rest of us getting ready to put our shoes on. Keith and John tried to carry Megan and I across on their backs. John succeeded because he left his shoes on. Keith did not because he took his shoes off. That was painfully cold water!

We didn't want to walk through another raging creek so the three men pushed this poor tree in a direction it didn't want to go to try to make a bridge. Megan and I are thankful to be alive. :)

Using their muscles to finish our little bridge.

Keith and John trying it out for us.

Lunch time with my little bro.

One of the many beautiful scenes we saw. We were actually supposed to go up that mountain and along the ridge, but as you can see....too much snow.

Attempting to climb

Climbing in the snow is no easy task!

James and Megan

The little love birds

Since this was as high as we could get, we called this rock our Table Rock. We made it!

Me and Meggy Moo

On the way down, we fell over and over and over again.
Enjoy our videos!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My baby boy turns 5

I know I'm a month late in posting this, but Happy 5th birthday my little sugar booger.

June 10, 2004, Kaleb Marsh was born into our family. He has brought so much joy and love into our family. We love you Kaleb!

Kaleb was named after my WONDERFUL grandpa. Here he is on Kaleb's blessing day.

Can he be any cuter? I don't think so.

My little man

Oh to be a kid

Kaleb's 2nd birthday

3rd birthday

Climbing trees

Okay, this is pretty darn CUTE!

5th birthday
Kaleb LOVES trains so Kesa drew this Thomas the Train for one of the games.

Kaleb also loves pirate ships, hence the pirate ship pinata

Star Wars dudes

Kaleb knew that Kassie had a cookie monster cake when she was little so he wanted us to make him one too.