Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween

Who says trick or treating is just for the kids. Our crazy family, plus LeAnna and Austin, getting ready for the big night.

Mark, The Reflective Warlock

Who says I have to act my age.

Kesa and I decided to dress up the same this year. We tried to talk Kassie into it but she decided on something else.

Kaleb our little purple dragon......and no he's not Barney!

Kassie the Geisha Girl

Kaden our Ninja Warrior


Today was the day that the Patriots versed the Colts. For those who don't know, Jim and LeAnna are HUGE Patriot fans!!!!! As you can tell they have coeursed their son, Austin, and our two girls into becoming Patriot fans also.

This picture was taken at the beginning of the game. Notice they are smiling.

The smiles are gone....could that be a look of concern?

"Come on!" shouts LeAnna. "The refs are making horrible calls."

I guess this is Kesa pretending to be concerned.

After all the concern and bad calls made by the refs, the family was able to enjoy a victory dance. Notice Mark and I didn't join in.....we were rooting for Manning's team.


Austin showing his excitement for the win.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Vala's Pumpkin Patch

For the last 12 years our family has enjoyed going to Vala's Pumpkin Patch. Every year we brave the haunted house (Kesa conquered her fear this year and ventured inside), brave the somewhat haunted mine, ride the train, ride the bikes, figure out how to get through the maze, and many more fun activities. We love to buy our favorite kettle corn and all sorts of yummy treats. One of our favorite things to do is to watch the pig races. Every year one or all of our children have been picked to be a pig leader. This year was a sad year for one and all because no one got the job of pig leader. If you're a pig leader and your pig wins the race then you win a pig nose. It's a fun event to behold. As always we had a great time and can't wait to go back next year.

Waiting for the pumpkin cannon to shoot a pumpkin

Mark helping the boys cook their smores

Our annual picture with Eisenbart the Pirate

One of the new attractions this year was a big jumping pillow. Here Mark and the kids are running from one end to the other.

Kaleb showing he can land on his bum.

I thought it would be fun to play super heroes. I probably embarrassed my kids.

The girls giving Kaleb a ride.

Mark and I did all the work while Kaden sat in the front seat enjoying himself.

LeAnna and Austin joined us this year. This picture was taken inside the storybook barn.

Ahoy there Mateys.....Kaden and Kaleb hanging on for dear life.

The girls found their true loves.

Here Kaden is dancing up on stage to pirate music. I wish this picture could move because it was a funny site. He makes a great pirate dancer.

The four beauty queens

Mark and Kaleb going down the big red slide.

Jana falling on her bottom

Watching Kaden go down the slide.

This picture really needs to be turned the other way so it looks like Mark is flying behind the pig. It's a pretty cute sign.

A very happy Kaleb riding the Barnyard Adventure tractor

The annual hay rack ride

Kaleb is trying to figure out what's going on

Kesa's new glasses

Last December we took Kesa to the eye doctor for a checkup. We found that she just barely needs glasses. I was told that I wouldn't be a bad mother if I didn't get them right away, but if she started complaining that she couldn't see, then I needed to get them for her. She came home about a month ago saying she was having a hard time seeing the board, so off we went to get her glasses. She has adjusted quite well to them.

Looking pretty cute there Miss Kesa Lynn

Flag Football

Kaden decided he wanted to try flag football for his sport this Fall. He started off enjoying going to practice and his games. His first game he even completed a pass (truly a miracle). As time went by we figured out why he wanted to play football. He's only playing so he can get a trophy. He has a soccer trophy, a baseball trophy and next week he'll get his football trophy. After that he wants to play basketball and get a trophy and then he wants to take up fishing. So he won't be the next star on the Nebraska football team, but at least he's enjoying a wide variety of sports.

Kaden on the right getting ready to swipe a flag

Hiking the ball

Friday, September 14, 2007

Trying a new sport

Kesa decided she wanted to try out Volleyball, so here are a few pictures of her in action. Go Kesa!

Here it comes


Our Happy Kesa

We watch Austin 2 days a week. Our family loves and enjoys him. We decided it was time he learned to drive so here he is with his first driving lesson.

Look Mom and Dad, no hands

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Kaleb goes to Pre-school

Today was an exciting day for Kaleb.... It was the day he started pre-school. He had a hard time watching the other kids go to school because all he wanted was to be a big kid too. Today his dream came true. Mom's dream also came true today. She gets 2 1/2 hours of alone time.

Kaleb with his bear, Boona

A very excited little boy!

Waiting to go into the school

Kaleb showing me his cubby. He gets the blue triangle for his shape.

Of course he went straight for the trains. In fact he took the train from the little boy you see in the picture.