Monday, April 28, 2008


For a few months now, Kesa has been practicing really hard for her parts in the Russell Middle School performance of Cinderella. She got to be a towns person and had to have two different costumes. Even though it took a lot of early morning practices, she enjoyed it and can't wait for next years play.

Getting ready for the big show.

Kesa with her friend, Jenna

Kaden giving Kesa flowers after the performance.

The ball gown look.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A new blanket

A few months ago Kaden realized his baby blanket, made with love by Mama, didn't completely cover his body anymore. He was becoming quite upset by it so he decided to ask Mama to make him another one. After much stress and many tears (for those who know Kaden, you'll know what I mean) he picked out a pattern and yarn for his blanket to be. Now all he had to do was wait and waiting is no easy task for a 7 year old boy. Mama worked tirelessly to finish the blanket in a timely manner because she knew how hard it was for Kaden to wait. Finally the day arrived and as you can see from the pictures he's a happy little boy. Thank you Mama for the blanket! I love you!

If you look you can see both of his special blankets. The big colorful one and his white baby blanket next to his face.

One happy little boy!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A visit from Grandpa Hayes

We were all shocked when we got the call but very excited to know that Grandpa Hayes was coming to visit. His last visit was 10 years ago so this was a big event for us. We had seen him during the 10 years, it's just that he hadn't been to Omaha for that long.

Kaleb and Grandpa got along really well. I was shocked to come downstairs one morning to find Kaleb sitting very comfortably on Grandpa's lap. I thought it would take him awhile to warm up, but I was mistaken.

Kaleb got very frustrated when he tried to go through Grandpa's legs because Grandpa would close them just enough that Kaleb couldn't go through.

We went to the Western Heritage Museum which Kaleb really enjoyed. He LOVES trains and while we were there got to go through a few train cars.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kaleb someday became a train conductor.

Cabella's is one of my Dad's favorite places to shop for fishing stuff so of course we had to stop in and look around. There is a shooting range inside which we all took advantage of.

Kaden could barley lift the gun.

Grandpa had to show us how it was done.

Another place we visited was the SAC Museum. This was my favorite plane.

Daddy and Kaleb in the cockpit

Kaleb didn't want to share one of the exhibits with other kids so as you can see he threw himself on the floor and had a fit.

Whenever someone comes to visit Kassie likes to take them for a walk for a little alone time. She must have been feeling nice because this time she invited Kaden and Kesa to join them. They walked to the park and wore Grandpa out.

For Family Home Evening we thought it would be fun to play laser tag. Mark and I have been a few times, but this was the kids and Grandpa's first time. After Kaden got over his fear of playing in the dark we all had a wonderful time. Mark creamed us all!