Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Snow Storm

Precipitation of every single kind has been falling for 5 solid days now. Rain, freezing rain, sleet, ice, snow. Add in cold and wind and you get a white Christmas. Then comes the magical time when you get to dig your property out of the putrid white mess that mother nature left behind.

View to the North of our house.

After shoveling on Friday and Saturday I ended up with 2 piles this big at the end of the driveway.

After 2.5 hours of work to clear the snow I couldn't let it sit there and have no one play on it so I grabbed the CS-35 (see x-mas video far below) and imagined I was taking Bunker Hill, Hamburger Hill, Fighting the Battle of the Bulge, and singlehandedly having France surrender to me all at once. Its Nerf or nothing!

It's a major award!

Because Mama and Papa couldn't make it Christmas morning they came the day after. As you can see from their faces (especially Mama's) they were quite excited about their present. :) For those of you who don't know anything about the movie, "The Christmas Story", the Dad receives a major award which is a leg lamp. We thought that Papa deserved a major award for being such a wonderful man. SORRY Mama!

They really couldn't believe their eyes!

This picture is priceless!!

Poor, poor Mama!

I think she might be crying. :)

Papa's new hat

The beautiful leg lamp

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was wonderful once again, but we had a few changes because of the weather. We went over to Mama and Papa's house around noon for a big lunch instead of going over for dinner. It was supposed to start snowing in the afternoon and get pretty bad by evening so we started early.

After having a WONDERFUL lunch we each took part in the Christmas program. It was fun listening to the kids do their parts and Papa bore a sweet testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. After the program we sang songs, ate junk food, watched videos, opened are yearly pajamas, and played games.

After arriving home that evening we set to work preparing for Santa. All the kids sat down and told Kesa what to write for our Santa letter and then they put out a banana and roll. Santa gets too many cookies on Christmas Eve so we do fruit. After the kids ran around outside in the snow and cold putting reindeer food on the lawn we all sat down and watched "Mr. Kruger's Christmas"......such a beautiful show!!!!

Christmas morning we were awakened at 5:00am by Mr. Kaden. We told him it wasn't quite time to get up and that he needed to go back to bed. The next think I knew it was 7:30am. The gifts were a hit as you'll see from the pictures.

Christmas Eve Day

Me and my Kesa Lynn

Singing with Mama

Getting ready to open p.j.'s

The new p.j.'s

Sasha even got into the spirit

Me and my honey posing in our p.j.'s

Mark received a special gift from me......a new ring. He was very touched.

Mark's reaction to his present

The girls got IPOD touches this year and as you can see they were more than excited.

Kassie's throat hurt after all the screaming she did

This look says it all

Kaden and his martian making kit

An excited little boy

Kaden thought he needed to take this picture

Enjoy these silly videos