Friday, October 15, 2010

Vala's Pumpkin Patch

Oh how we love Vala's! It's been a family tradition since Kesa was one.

Our beautiful children in the GIANT chair

Taking a break from finding our way out of the corn maze

Waiting for the tractor ride to start

Eating our favorite Kettle corn

We ended the night with the love birds in the chair.


Kesa and her friend, Alexi decided to attend homecoming. Here they are looking beautiful.

Funky clouds

Living in Nebraska gives you the opportunity for some funky clouds every now and then.

Kimmell Orchard and Indian Cave State Park

It's our favorite time of year when we head to Kimmell Orchard and Indian Cave State Park.

We started off getting our apple spice doughnuts and caramel apples.

As you can see......three kids. Where's the fourth?

Oh, here he is. Assuming his usual position

Our cool cat Kesa

The boys amongst the pumpkins

Here we are at Indian Cave

Mark is playing Super Man

Love the look on Kassie's face

Oh my.....what a scary creature!

Posing Kassie

Taking a picture with the scary gorilla

On the teeter totter

Sitting in the car waiting for the boys

You're never too old to spider swing.

You're never to old to goof off

You're never too old to take a risk of falling on your face.

Just hanging around

New Kitchen Floor

For years we have said we needed a new kitchen floor and this year it actually happened. Mark worked his tail end off for two weeks. He did an amazing job and I'm very proud of him!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Show Choir Time

Kesa loves her Show Choir!

Mormon Prom

Kesa invited her friend, Erin to go to Mormon Prom. Don't they look beautiful? After taking Kesa to a "million" stores and trying on a "million" dresses we finally found one that would work if Mama added some length to it. She did an AWESOME job and you can't even tell. Thank you Mama we LOVE you!

Kesa also invited her friend from birth, Tyler Kortus

Totally Kesa

She looks so pretty!

Beautiful girl!!!!

Don't messa with the Kesa!

Some of the crew