Thursday, May 7, 2009

Honors Night

Kesa has been on the honor roll all year and we are very proud of her. She works very hard for her grades. Great job Kesa!

Kesa with her friends

Kaleb For SALE!

My little boy has turned into a monster!!!! He likes to spit, yell, and cry all the time. Oh yeah, did I mention he thinks he can talk back and not listen. We are having a very hard time with him. I'm hoping I'll have enough strength and patience to make it through the summer. :(

Kesa or Alice? You decide.

I took Kesa and the boys to get their haircut the other day. Kesa was just supposed to get her bangs trimmed and as you can see from the pictures, that's not what happened. She's been wanting to get her hair cut like Alice from Twilight. I swear she things she is Alice. :) Anyway, she absolutely loves it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kids say the darndest things!

I was awakened the other night by Kaden saying he had a bad dream. After calming him down and making sure he was okay I went back to sleep. In the morning I went to wake up the boys only to find them already awake and talking. When Kaleb saw me he wanted to tell me about his dream. As he started to tell me Kaden interrupted and said, "Oh yeah.....I had a dream that I was being chased by Hobos." I looked at him and asked if he knew what a Hobo was. His response was, "They are people who can't afford cable." I about died laughing! His bad dream was about being chased by people who can't afford cable. I finally explained to him just what a Hobo was. Oh to live in Kaden's mind. :)

Kaleb said to Mark the other day, "Dad, I'm really tired so I think you need to get me some caffeine so I can stay awake." Apparently he's heard me say something to that effect before.

Kesa the pirate

Middle School has been so good for Kesa. This is her 2nd year and 2nd play she's been in. Even though she had to get up early for play practice, she never really complained and she had a great time. This year they did the play Pirates of Penzance. She's already looking forward to next year's play.

Kesa's good friend Megan, brought her flowers